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Many English learners want to find an American English school so they can speak English like Americans. Why is that? If you look up American English on Wikipedia it says:

American English, sometimes called United States English or U.S. English, is the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States. Currently, American English is the most influential form of English worldwide.

It makes sense. English is the language of business and the United States is a big player in global trade. So if you want to do well in business, it follows that you would want to be well-versed in American English. 

The funny thing about American English (and even British English) is there are so many sayings (idioms) that it can get in the way of global communication. A BBC article recently proclaimed that native English speakers are the world’s worst communicators. 

Why is that? People who speak English as a second or third language tend to speak English in a more simple way. Native English speakers like to use colorful, indirect ways of expressing things.

So whether you like it or not, it will be important to learn some of those idiomatic expressions to get ahead in business!

The best American English school online

There are many options when it comes to finding an American English school. However, there’s only one option that has a 5-star rating and that’s Lingoloop! Our students absolutely love us – just read our reviews:)

Our students love our expert teachers, and our unique method. We truly have a conversational method that gets our students talking and improving class by class. We could say more, but the best thing to do is to try it. Whether you are a casual learner or someone who needs to improve their English for work, Lingoloop can work for you.

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The Secret to Speaking English Fluently

Most of the students that find us want one thing… to speak English fluently. 

They want to feel good speaking English for work. They want to make presentations confidently. Contribute to team meetings in English without stress. Talk with their customers freely.

They want to speak English for social reasons. Some of our students are at University and want to make new friends. Or maybe they are recent immigrants to the US or Canada and want to speak with their neighbors.

Some of our students just want to feel good using English for the basics. Speaking with their doctor… or asking questions at a store.


The hidden secret to speaking English fluently…

So what’s the secret? 

Well, in all honesty there’s not one special secret that is the key to unlocking English fluency. However in our opinion, there is one area that is oftentimes overlooked when it comes to English instruction. 

It’s listening.

So simple right? Knowing the right thing to say to someone in a conversation depends very much on what you think someone is saying to you. 

At Lingoloop, even though our marketing slogan is “Feel Good Speaking English,” we don’t want our students to be just great speakers… we want them to be great communicators. Speaking is just 50% of communication. Clearly listening is the other half. 

Our method is designed to make you a better communicator and a big part of that is to listen mindfully. Practicing with our expert teachers you will feel like you are in a real conversation. Not just repeating sentences from a book or lecture. We don’t do “repeat after me… “ Our expert teachers are really talented (check out the video below!). 

Don’t believe us? Read our customer reviews… or better yet, sign up for a free trial class to experience it yourself. Thanks for your time!



Improve English For Work

Your emails will be going like hot cakes!

“Why do you need to improve your English?” This is one of the first questions we ask our students when we meet them for the first time. It’s a simple, but important question. Do you need to improve your English for work? Are you learning for social reasons? Or maybe you need to improve your English generally.

Nearly two thousand people have answered our survey since we started keeping track. For “Why do you need to improve your English?” we offer three choices in the survey: Work, Social & Everyday Life. Of course we let our students submit any combination of those 3 choices as well. Here are the results (below) and they are constantly being updated:

Most of our learners want to improve for a variety of reasons. The majority choose “all of the above” and many choose a combination of two of the reasons.

However when you look at the results of students who have only picked one choice, Work is the dominant answer. It make sense that many of you are seeking to improve your English for work. In fact, many of our students use Lingoloop to get ahead at their current job or to help them find the next one.

Our professional learners have the following goals:

  1. Improve their presentation skills
  2. Feel better speaking English with Western clients
  3. Gain confidence speaking during meetings
  4. Understand Western culture, slang and idiomatic expression
  5. Build better relationships with their co-workers


Do you want to improve your English for work?

At Lingoloop, we really care about your goals as an English learner. We do our best to track your goals and keep you on a path toward achieving them! If improving your English for work is your general goal, Lingoloop is a great fit for you. Sign up for a free trial class to start a conversation with one of our expert tutors.

You won’t believe what our students are saying about us:) Read our amazing reviews!

Are you looking for an online English class?

Searching for an online English class? There are many options and many things you should consider before you decide.

What are your goals?

At Lingoloop, we like to start out by asking about your goals. It’s a simple but important question, because our goal is to help you achieve yours! Most people who choose Lingoloop have professional goals. They know some English, but they want to improve so that they can talk freely in work meetings or give a presentation without stress. Other learners want to improve for social reasons, like talking to their grandchildren or neighbors. Throughout the process we will check in with you to see how you are doing with your goals. Bit by bit we want to help you make progress.

What are the teachers like?

We have the best English teachers online! Lingoloop is not a marketplace for tutors that anyone can join. We actually interview everyone one of our teachers to make sure they are a good fit for our program.

At a minimum we expect that all of our teachers already have some experience in a classroom (online and in person) and the skills to help our students reach their goals quickly. In addition, we look for teachers with a great personality who can make learning fun! You don’t have to take our word for it… you can try the best online English class right now.

What is the teaching method?

We have a flexible method that is good for all kinds of learners. Every group class is focused on a specific topic. The students practice speaking about that topic and our expert teachers make corrections to your speech in real time. The teachers will type out what you said so that you can actually see your mistakes. At the end of every class, you will get an email with the class notes so that you can practice outside of class. Over time, you will anticipate these mistakes before you make them and gain more confidence speaking English.

How many students in each class?

Learning is not one size fits all. Also, it is really important to change things up to keep your learning interesting. That’s why we have 3 different class types: Group (4 people), Duo (2 people) and Individual (1 person).

The Lingoloop regular Group class is a great social experience. It’s also a great way to practice speaking in front of a group. Duo classes are a great way to learn with a buddy. Sometimes we have 2 friends join Lingoloop together and the Duo classes are perfect for pairs! The Individual classes are for learners who need 1-on-1 time to focus on specific goals. Most people do a mix of these classes to support their learning goals.

What are the reviews like?

The best way to know if people are satisfied with an online English class is to read our reviews. And we are proud to say that we have a 4.9 star rating on google. In fact, if you google a “ 5-star rated online English class” we will show up first in the search results:) 

More questions? Sign up for a free trial class to learn more.

I hope you found this information helpful! If you are serious about improving your English and building your confidence quickly, try Lingoloop today. Sign up for a free trial class!

English to Class? Hmm…

Is “English to Class” what you searched for? Don’t worry, we know what you mean… 

English to Class? You must be looking for English classes near you, or looking for an online English class. If you want to improve your English speaking online then you have come to the right place:) 

Lingoloop is a leader in online English classes – our teachers have helped thousands of people improve their English one class at a time. As you may have noticed, we have very good reviews! Our students consistently give us 5-star ratings. 

When it comes to English classes online there is much competition. You may ask how is Lingoloop different?

Our students give us 5-star reviews because…

1. We have great teachers!

We are not a platform. All of our teachers are hand-picked. They need to have the right combination of skills, personality and care to teach for Lingoloop.

2. People like our unique method

We created a method that works for all kinds of learners. Even if you are looking for an advanced English classe online, Lingoloop will work for you. We get you to talk about subjects you already know (in your home language). By practicing discussions about these subjects (with our expert teachers) you will become more fluent. In every class you will make progress. Before you know it you’ll be correcting yourself!

3. Best customer service in the industry

We really care about making our customers happy! It’s rare that you’ll find an online company that will have a person call you back when you leave a message. Our team prides itself on being responsive and helping those in need. We are the most human online company out there!


I could write more reasons why Lingoloop is special, but I think the best way to find out is to try it. We offer free trial classes every day! If you want to learn why “English to class” doesn’t sound right click here to sign up for a free trial class with one of our expert teachers!


Lingoloop Advanced English Class Online

Are you looking for an advanced English class online? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There is a misconception that online English classes are for beginners only. Lingoloop does help beginners, but most of our clients are advanced English speakers. 

Many of our students are professionals – people who work in IT / Software, Finance, IT and other industries. They know English fairly well, but they struggle using it in a business context. Sometimes it is their accent or word choice they are concerned with. However, often it is specific situations or goals that they want to improve (see below).

Common Issues for Advanced English Learners 

#1 Presentations – Many people are nervous about making presentations. When you add the complexity of doing it in your second language… it can be even more nerve-wracking! Lingoloop helps people feel more comfortable using English. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be at presenting. In our private lessons we can help in this way the most. 

#2 Talking with Customers – This is a big concern for our professional learners. Sales is everything to most businesses and speaking with customers is an important skill.

#3 Talking with Colleagues – Many of our students fear that they are being misunderstood because of accent, grammar etc. Our expert tutors can help simplify your language so that nothing gets lost in translation.

#4 Accent – While many students fear their accent is throwing people off… it’s an area we feel is overblown. We don’t want to get rid of your accent, we like to work on pronunciation. Accents are a part of who we are! 

#5 Culture – Many of our advanced learners who are recent immigrants struggle with understanding Western culture and idiomatic expressions. This can be a challenge when wanting to bond with your team or make small talk. 

The Lingoloop Method 

Lingoloop is great for students seeking advanced English classes online primarily because of our flexible curriculum for conversational English. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our lessons are structured so that whatever the topic or content, you will grow as an English speaker. 

Our lessons are guided conversations led by our expert tutors. The tutors listen and let you do the talking. They analyze your speech and provide feedback in real time. Our students love our system and give us 5-star reviews!

At the beginning, we assess every student’s English level so that only advanced students learn together. And while you are a Lingoloop student, we can adjust your level up or down according to your needs.

If Lingoloop’s advanced online English classes sound interesting to you, give it a try! Sign up for a free trial class today.

The Best Spoken English Classes Online

Are you looking for the best spoken English classes online?

So you’ve decided that you want to work on your English speaking and you want to take online classes. That’s great!

When it comes to spoken English classes online, it can be hard to decide which teacher or company to go with. It’s always great to get a referral from a friend, teacher or colleague. Trusting your closest friends is your best option.

When a friend’s recommendation is not an option, the best thing to do is to read reviews. Lingoloop is fortunate to have so many great reviews! But really fortune has nothing to do with it. We offer a great service and our students appreciate us! Just read our amazing reviews!

Lingoloop students also love our teachers. With great effort we choose the best teachers to join our team. We are not an open platform – we just don’t let anyone teach for us.

We encourage you to get to know all of our awesome teachers – like Teacher Jeanne in the video below:)

There’s only one thing left to do…

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about Teacher Jeanne, try a Lingoloop free trial class! You’ll learn about our method and how our 5-star program works. Click here to sign up for a free trial class!


Meet Teacher Jayda – Lingoloop Online English Classes

Our students give us 5-star reviews in part because they love our awesome teachers! Meet Lingoloop Teacher Jayda:)

Are you looking to improve your confidence speaking English? Do you want to speak English more fluently?

Try a Lingoloop online English class. Our caring, expert teachers will help you achieve your goals. Sign up for a free trial class today!

You won’t believe what our students are saying about Lingoloop🙂

What is a meme?


What is a meme? Why do they exist? Why do they matter for English learners? Who am I? We hope to answer these questions below… except for the last one:)

Memes are everywhere. You’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve used them, but what is the best way to define them?

The primary definition from the Oxford dictionary is: “a type of behavior that is passed from one member of a group to another, not in the gene but by another means such as people copying it.” So in general a meme is an idea that has spread through knowledge transfer – cultural exchange or social means. 

In modern times, the word meme has taken on a specific meaning related to communication and the Internet. This is also from the Oxford dictionary: “an image, a video, a piece of text, etc. that is passed very quickly from one internet user to another, often with slight changes that make it humorous.” Like this one:

Why do memes exist?

Internet memes have exploded with the growth of email, texting and social networks. However, people have been using pictures to express ideas for thousands of years. There is the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” – the idea that a single image can convey complex thought more effectively than a mere written description. 

Also, pictures are a great way to convey ideas across language. Political cartoons are a great example of how journalists have combined images of cultural references and humor to make a point. If done right, you don’t need to read the words to understand what is happening.

Finally, humans love to find ways to embellish speech. Every language has its own idiomatic expressions. These idioms serve to provide additional context and meaning to the written and/or spoken word. Memes are just an extension of this.


Do memes matter for English learners?

Yes! To advance beyond the basics of English, it is important to understand culture. Memes are becoming part of cultural expression. In some cases memes are starting to transcend regional cultures to have a global meaning. They connect people through a shared experience and sometimes through a shared laugh:) 

Sometimes, not fully understanding Western culture can be an obstacle for English learners – especially in the workplace. Many of our Lingoloop students struggle with idiomatic expression and the cultural gap that can sometimes create a lack of confidence speaking English.

Are you “hitting a wall” with your progress as an English learner? Try a Lingoloop online English class today. Our students love Lingoloop so much they give us 5-star reviews